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About Dynamic Rolls


Chill Rolls

The manufacturing of Chill Rolls of special cast iron by the state of art centrifugal casting technology widely used in the western European countries has been engineered in India by us.

The Process

The process has been well developed in our foundry and rolls of various diameters and lengths are being regularly manufactured for Steel rolling Mills, Ink Mills and Roller Mills. The rolls are of universal type and can be used as working member in roller mills of any model.

The long experience of our foundrymen and adequate selection of raw materials as well as the accurate laboratory testing of every single casting have enabled us to produce mill rolls of proper hardness and adequate ductility of hardened layer.

In our centrifugal casting process, the raw material is being chosen according to the technological stage of milling, which the rolls are designed for, thus, the required hardness, the adequate structure and machinibility of the hardened layer are being obtained to produce rolls having high wear resistance and high surface finish.

The rolls manufactured by the centrifugal casting process have better strength, higher density, better elongation, better wear resistance and uniform chill depth than the rolls manufactured by the conventional static casting process. The rolls are balanced as they are cast at a speed of 1200 to 1500 r.p.m.