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Ph: +91-1675-250253      Mob: (091) 9815463786, 8360259377      Email: dynamicrollsmk@yahoo.com

ISO 9001 : 2008 Certificate No: QMSI/G/602, ANAS-BNR Accreditation No: I0918


Dynamic Rolls was founded in 1975 and the team behind the success of this company of unique caliber was Mr. Shaukat Ali, the versatile genius managing director of the company and technically studious markeeting expert and management expert Mr. Amjad Ali.



We are supplying our rolls to most reputed semi and fully automatic rolling mills in India and abroad. Our Dynamic Rolls have inexhaustible reputed company on the array of our customers. The directors of the company keep personal contact with the wire to have first hand knowledge.



The manufacture of Chill Rolls of special cast iron by the state of art centrifugal casting technology widely used in the western European countries has been engineered in India by us [Rolls for Non Metal Industries Roller Flour Mills, Steel Rolling Mills, Copper Mills, Tubes and Pipes Mills].